Two too many winkies

A couple weeks ago, Eharmony sent me the profile of a gentleman we shall now refer to as “Grammar Boy.”  I thought I was getting to know a 31 year old single man from Charlotte, but his grammar and conversational style pointed to a middle school aged Justin Bieber fan.  I’m not one to use the term “LOL” in my emails or texts… or ever really.  Seriously, have you ever seen me use LOL?  This man/Belieber used more LOL’s in one email than I’ve used my entire life, only to be trumped by the number of smiley faces he inserted.  The first few emails I gave him a break and attributed his grammatical errors to the not-so user friendly Eharmony mobile app.  I read phrases such as “Not sure what I’m doing tonight, I’ll just play it by year LOL ;)” and “Your going to do Great on your half marathon this weekend LOL ;)”.  I have friends that are college educated, but not the best at spell checker and emailing, but it doesn’t stop our friendship, so I thought I could look past (or passed) his elementary syntax and vernacular.  That is, until I exchanged a few painful texts:

That last LOL pushed me over the point of no return, so I stopped responding to his texts and emails.  We had planned to meet up for a drink one night, but I just couldn’t bring myself to meet this alleged college educated single man, only to get my hopes crushed when an MTV Teen Mom showed up with her phony EH profile.  I gave him the brush off, to which he sent an email “What happnd last night?  Hope nuthing bad…LOL.”  They say first impressions are everything, and if you send two too many winkies that impression is blown, pal.


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