We’re Back….

We apologize for the brief hiatus in our blog, but we needed to pause for a while to allow the creative juices to start flowing.  It wasn’t until we met one of our loyal readers that we understood how much we’d been lacking in the writing department.  A mutual friend introduced us to Buzz, who we endearingly named for her fabulous new do.  She was genuinely interested in our dating escapades and commentary, and it made us realize it’s not only our close family and friends who read the blog and to whom we’re accountable.  For that, we’re deeply sorry and will be much better about keeping up!  It’s not that the spinsters have been sidelined, but the documentation of our antics has yet to be broadcast.   Trust me, we have a lot to tell you!  With that, I will leave you with the promise of stories in the very near future.  Of course, we could just end this entire blog if Buzz would introduce me to Liam in October… I’m more woman than Miley will ever be!  #cradlerobber*sigh*  -M

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