Ground Rules

Rule #1: When in question whether to respond to a communication request, NO WAY = NO. That means if he is a total fugster, we can say no. MAYBE = YES. If we think he’s a little cute or has possible potential, then we have to respond.

Rule #2: We must compare matches on a regular basis. If either of us knows the other’s match, mandatory communication – makes for interesting date comparisons.

Rule #3: No accepting dates asked out via text message. Phone calls only.

Rule #4: In the words of Patti Stanger, Millionaire Matchmaker – “No sex until monogamy.”  We are not Eharmony whores.

Rule #5:  No getting drunk on dates. 1 drink per hour or we’ll never remember what to blog about.

Rule #6:  All dates get nicknames. It’s too hard to keep track of which 4 letter male (Mike, Matt, John) you’re going out with tonight.

Rule #7:  All dates must live in the Charlotte area. Eharmony does not reimburse for gas.

Note – these rules are subject to change without notice.

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